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My eldest daughter recently turned 8 and decided she wanted a “lollies” cake like the one I made for her friend earlier this year. What she meant was she wanted an anti-gravity cake. Anti Gravity (also referred to as Defying Gravity) Cakes generally have a solid object held over that cake, often pouring something onto the top of the cake. These can look very impressive and are actually relatively easy to create. I made the friends cake using Maltesers and it was a huge hit and got a few “Wow’s” from the grown ups.


For my daughters cake I made it slightly trickier for myself and used Naturally Colourful Chocolate Sprinkles, including the clear jar. With the jar I got out my hot glue gun and glued a couple of bamboo skewers (one had a straw over it so there was more surface area to glue). I positioned the straw and skewers so they were just inside the jar opening and would be easy to cover with a few sprinkles. (Side note for the Maltesers cake: to attach bamboo skewers to the Maltesers bag I made sure the hole I cut in the bag was only just large enough to fit a marshmallow through. I pushed two skewers into the marshmallow and poked the marshmallow into the bag so it was totally hidden. It then sat perfectly once the skewers were positioned into the cake.)

IMG_7795The cake I made was a chocolate orange cake so it only seemed fitting that the icing was orange (a combination of red and yellow Naturally Colourful Food Colouring). Once the cake was iced, mine was a little rustic, I sprinkled a scattering of Sprinkles over the top. Next I added a few tablespoons of Sprinkles into the jar and then positioned the skewers into the cake, making sure the skewers went all the way through the cake to securely hold it.

IMG_7796The next step was to cover the skewers, giving the gravity defying effect. For the Sprinkles cake I added some cocoa powder to my icing so it became the same colour as the Sprinkles. I piped bit by bit up the skewers and stuck the Sprinkles to the icing as I went. (Side note for the Maltesers cake: I melted some chocolate and starting from the bottom I “glued” the Maltesers together with the melted chocolate.)

IMG_7797Lastly I made sure the pile of Sprinkles on the cake was just how I wanted it. You can get quite creative with this part of it, having the stream of sprinkles/lollies cascading over the side of the cake, or you can put a little barrier such as chocolate finger biscuits around the edge of the cake to hold them all in. The possibilities are endless and so is the inspiration you can find by searching on Google. Happy caking! Anti Gravity Cake

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