Change is afoot…

Fresh-As Raspberry Powder SmallWell I have been very busy lately tinkering with my website and searching out new products to stock. You might have already seen the Fresh As Raspberry Powder we are now stocking. It’s a delicious addition to buttercream icing (especially on a chocolate cake), but there are many other uses for it too such as on chocolate truffles or in natural ice blocks for the littlies. I’ll add some scrummy recipes over the coming months.

Equagold Vanilla Extracts SmallAnother new brand we now stock is Equagold. They have a lovely range of Vanilla Extracts, including an organic one, and for something a little different you can try the Organic Raw Vanilla Sugar. Add it to cakes, cupcakes or biscuits (try adding a sprinkling onto shortbread, yummy!) It can also be used in some savoury dishes too, such as on Salmon.

Another major change has been to this website. It now has a Shop, this should make it much easier and quicker to purchase our great products. To celebrate this I will be adding a Sampler Pack of 100’s and 1000’s to the first 20 orders I receive via the website. You better get in quick!

Our website is a bit of a work in progress, so it will constantly be tweaked and added to, from the blog and recipes to new products and product information.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
– Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

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