Modifying Recipes

Recipes. I’m really not that good at sticking to recipes, I’ve always got to tweak this or add that. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. One thing I pretty much always do is reduce the amount of sugar a recipe calls for, sometimes by as much as half. And so far my kids haven’t complained about it, in fact my 7 year old will now stop eating some foods “because they are too sweet”. How’s that for amazing! And it really goes to show how our taste buds adapt to what we’re eating.

Something else I have been doing a lot lately is modifying recipes to be Gluten Free. I’m sure there are now loads of great Gluten Free Flour blends around which do make it very easy to swap wheat flour 1:1 with a GF version. Most GF flours will have a mix of maize, tapioca and rice flours. They will often have a vegetable gum such as Guar or Xanthun Gum, this helps to provide elasticity that would have come from having gluten in the recipe.

I also often add Almond Meal (or ground Almonds) to a lot of my baking, I like to think it makes my baking just slightly more nutritious for my kids. When I’ve added Almond Meal to cakes or biscuits I usually substitute 1/3 of the flour for Almond Meal, so say, instead of 1 cup of flour I’ll use 2/3 cup of flour and 1/3 cup of Almond Meal.

Just to show you how easy it can be to modify a recipe, here is a recipe straight out of the Edmonds cook book. This is what it looked like before I got to it…

Naturally the first thing I did to it was reduce the sugar. 1/2 a cup of sugar (according to Edmonds) is 125 grams, this recipe tastes fine with 60 grams of sugar. Instead of plain wheat flour I’ve used Edmonds Gluten Free Plain Flour (I weighed a cup out at 140 grams). My kids were after chocolate chip biscuits the day I made these, so I decided to substitute 1/2 a cup of oats for chocolate chips (dried cranberries or raisins work too). This is how recipes in my cook books often end up looking:

The finished biscuits got the big thumbs up from my husband and kids, my best friend (but she really will eat anything) and her kids too. Playing around with recipes really can be a lot of delicious fun, as long as you don’t mid the occasional flop. And remember, if you do have great success, write down what you did!!

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