New Arrivals

My beautiful childrenWell it has been a very busy time over the last couple of months, with summer holidays ending and everyone settling back into the school routine.

We also welcomed a new little man into our family just over two weeks ago. He is just so precious, we are all totally smitten and my girls are really proud to have a little brother. My husband is also very pleased that he isn’t totally out-numbered now.

Even though I’ve been a little preoccupied cherishing my family time, I have still had half an eye on things business related. Orders are still flying out the door and there are a few different works in progress. I have been trying to find new and exciting products to add to the shop, some of which I’ve started to load in the tools and equipment section of the online shop. I plan on adding more in the coming weeks when I get a few spare minutes.

Another new product I’ve just added to the shop is a refill pack for the 100’s and 1000’s. I’ve noticed quite a few customers re-ordering 100’s and 1000’s and it seems the sensible thing would be to refill the original jar rather than wasting the packaging. I’ve started with an 80g refill, but will possibly add a larger refill pack in the near future.

Do make sure you check back every now and then to see what new products have been added. I will of course shout out about anything super exciting on our Facebook page, so make sure you like us for those updates.

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