Beeswax Birthday Cake Candles 12 Pack



Beeswax Birthday Cake Taper Candles 12 pack available in either natural or coloured. The coloured pack comes with three each  of pumpkin, moss, teal and red. The candles are 7.5cm tall by approx. 6mm wide and each pack comes with a set of matches.

Big Dipper Beeswax Birthday Candles are the purest of all candle waxes, it’s a product of the sustainable industry of beekeeping. The simple filtration of beeswax is a natural process that uses no chemicals and very little energy.

Beeswax is naturally aromatic, infused with the sweet, subtle scent of honey. Nontoxic and nonallergenic, beeswax candles burn clean and soot free. While burning, they release negative ions, just as seashores or rainstorms do. These negative ions improve air quality by eliminating pollutants and allergens from the air that we breathe.

Beeswax gets its wonderful natural colour and honey-like fragrance from the pollen and nectar of the flowers the bees are pollinating. The colour often depends on what particular crop the bees are pollinating. Dark berries, like blueberries or blackberries, will derive a much darker, browner wax. Clover, however, will result in a brighter, golden tone. Our coloured beeswax candles are dyed with eco-friendly dyes that do not contain hazardous solvents or additives such as naphtha or naphthalene. These dyes are never tested on animals. All of our candles are handmade, and the beeswax is never 100% consistent in shade, so there may be variations in colour.

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Weight .003 kg
Dimensions 8.3 × 9.2 × 2.5 cm

Natural, Coloured


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