Equagold Tahitian Vanilla Extract 100ml


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Equagold Tahitian Vanilla Extract is a single fold extract made to international specifications. Real Vanilla is a complex mix of more than 400 separate flavours which are extracted for a minimum of 5 months (Equagold’s extracts always exceeds this time requirement).

This is a pure extract made by the cold press method and contains only pure New Zealand spring water, alcohol (35% vol) and vanilla pods.  A single fold extract is sometimes referred to as “domestic strength” and should be used as directed by the recipe.

Equagold Tahitian Vanilla is GM free and gluten free. It is made in New Zealand using local and imported ingredients.

Also available in 50ml size.

Equagold Tahitian Vanilla Extract Ingredients:
Pure spring water, alcohol (35%), vanilla pod


Store in a cool dark place.


Shake the bottle before use. Equagold Tahitian Extract is a delicious addition to your baking.

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