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General Product Description


Product:                                          Red Food Colouring
Manufactured from:                     Radish, Apple, Blackcurrant

Processed with:                             Citric Acid, Water

Consistency:                                   Liquid, Homogeneous

Colour:                                            Red

Odour:                                             Typical, aromatic

Taste:                                               Aromatic, characteristic

This product is manufactured from fruit and vegetables. Due to the manufacturing process, this product still contains, to a considerable extent, the valuable properties and constituents of the raw materials giving this product its characteristic flavour, taste and natural colour.


Physical and Chemical Properties


Total acidity:                                   < 120 g/kg as tartaric acid, pH 7,0 / < 12 %, as citric acid, pH 8,1

Dry matter:                                     65 – 72 °Brix

Colour strength:                            1000 ± 10% / 510 – 520 nm using a pH 3,0 buffer solution as diluent

pH value:                                         < 4,0 (1:10 dilution with demineralised water)

Density:                                           1,28 – 1,4 g/ml


Microbiological Figures (cfu/g)


Standard plate count:                   < 1000 /g

Yeasts:                                             < 100 /g

Moulds:                                           < 100 /g


Nutritional Data (average per 100g)


Energy:                                            260 kcal / 1089 kJ

Protien:                                           0,5 %

Total carbohydrates:                    55%

Total sugar:                                    45%

Fat:                                                   < 1%

Saturated fat:                                 < 1%

Fibre:                                               < 1%

Sodium:                                           < 1%

This product is not standardised on the nutritional composition. Due to the nature of our products the

nutritional composition is varying and therefore we cannot guarantee the given average values. The

product does contain vitamins and minerals, but the level of those substances is neither significantly

high nor standardised to a specific amount.


Shelf Life and Storage Conditions


Deep frozen (-18°C)                      12 months (unopened)

Cool conditions (<10°C)                6 months (unopened)


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