Weekend Crafts – Ice Cube Painting

IMG_7764A while back (quite a while!) I remember someone telling me about painting with ice cubes and I thought it sounded like a fun craft that my kids would really enjoy. I popped the idea in my memory bank but never got around to actually doing it until last weekend. It was a slightly overcast day but still warm enough for the kids to play with ice, so I mixed together some water and Naturally Colourful Food Colouring, popped it in the freezer for a few hours and then set my girls free with paper and “paint” ice cubes!


IMG_7770IMG_7768They had great fun experimenting with these new painting tools, trying to figure out how best to hold them on the paper to get the results they wanted (sharp edges were best for fine lines where as the flat surface of the ice left a large trail of paler paint).


It was also interesting to see how the colours dried and changed slightly in the sun. I was also pretty excited that their little hands didn’t end up all stained with colour.

It was another really fun and different way to use our Naturally Colourful Food Colouring!IMG_7775IMG_7776








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