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HT CakeWell hello there, and welcome to our brand new website, complete with a blog, apparently (according to my mother) it’s the “thing” to do now. I’ve been pretty busy over the last few months, making changes to the website, baking (I even made myself a scrummy Black Forest Gateau for my birthday earlier this month) and investigating new decorating products.

There have also been a few changes to the business, Barbara currently has other obligations she needs to focus on and therefore the running of the business has been handed over to me. This is very exciting and I’m hoping I can hold the fort well until such time as Barbara can get back into it.

I am very new to this blogging business so please forgive any linguistic errors I make (I also didn’t really enjoy English lessons at school so there will no doubt be plenty of grammatical errors in there too). I have all-sorts of topic ideas that I hope you will find interesting, but I’m going to pace myself so I don’t run out of material too fast.

I will leave you now with a lovely quote I read the other day:

Cake is happiness! If you know the way of the cake, you know the way of happiness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look any further for joy!
-C. JoyBell C.


  1. Debbie Tonks

    I’m drooling just looking at the picture of your gateau!!!

    1. Hannah Tegg (Post author)

      Thanks Debbie, it was delish and didn’t last very long at all!

  2. Ben

    Hi Hannah,

    Just jumped online and had a wee look at your cakes. They look amazing!!


    1. Hannah Tegg (Post author)

      Thanks Ben, you will have to think up an occasion that requires a cake so you can try one!


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